CinRx partners with or acquires assets from venture funds, academia, large pharma and biotech ventures, and then develops assets to the point where clinical and/or commercial value is demonstrated. CinRx brings about a successful commercial exit through licensing, acquisition, joint venture (JV) or an initial public offering (IPO).

CinRx acts as both an operational and financial syndication partner for venture funds, academia, large pharma and the biotech industry, and supports asset development with an expert management team that invests, designs and executes on the clinical trials.

We provide all of the initial management functions for early phase assets and, over time, hire specialty persons within a subsidiary company, as necessary.

CinRx invests both capital and management services into pre-clinical and clinical stage asset development.

  • Pre-Clinical Activities: We manage all aspects of pre-clinical activities, including formulation optimization, chemistry, and manufacturing (CMC).
  • Clinical Trials: We are strategically positioned to oversee and manage clinical trials.
  • Regulatory Submissions and Filings: We also manage regulatory submissions and filings.


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5375 Medpace Way
Cincinnati, OH 45227