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CinRx is dedicated to changing the paradigm of drug development in the pharmaceutical industry, where various constraints prevent many promising, early clinical-stage product candidates from advancing to clinical proof of concept (PoC) or further.

Leveraging the extensive experience of CinRx’s leadership in developing drugs from discovery through marketing approval, CinRx is advancing an innovative R&D portfolio. The Company chooses programs that satisfy criteria including:

  • Potential to address compelling unmet medical needs
  • Strong preclinical proof of concept and/or clinical data
  • Credible regulatory path, including defined and achievable clinical endpoints
  • Patentability or regulatory exclusivity
  • Validation of commercial value
  • Ease of manufacturing

The unique partnership with Medpace provides CinRx with the necessary clinical development resources through a preferred cost relationship. This integrated drug development approach can allow CinRx to make early GO/NO GO decisions for each compound, potentially speeding delivery of new therapies to patients.


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